Hi, I'm new here...

J. Solomon Kostelnik (jsk0001@pop03.ca.us.ibm.net)
Mon, 08 May 95 17:18:09 EDT

Just curious if anyone is still using Cu-SeeMe! :) I got it awhile
ago, but just started trying it again. I haven't had much luck,

Which sites can I connect to? I have tried the ones that it comes
with, but most say it can't connect...

Also, does anyone know how to use it with OS/2 Warp? If I use it in
Warp I have to use Trumpet for Windows because Cu-SeeMe doesn't think
I'm online when I use IBM's Dialer.

Any help would be appreciated! If you do reply, you can write to me
here at jsk0001@ibm.net. Thanks in advance!

J. Solomon Kostelnik -
jsk0001@ibm.net (IBM InterNet Connection)
Operating under OS/2 WARP!