Re: miroVideo 20TD captur

Mon, 08 May 95 18:45:00 -300


>>I have a miroVideo 20TD capture card, which does not support a 8-bit
>>gray-scale capture mode. I have CuSeeMe v0.34b5 (dated 06/94). Is

>I do not have a miroVideo 20TD, but from what I have read about this
>card, it can only save the digitized pictures in the so-called M-JPEG
>format. CuSeeMe needs uncompressed RGB format (currently 8 bit
>palettized gray, but 16,24 and 32 bits RGB and 4-1-1 YUV coming soon).
>In addition, I think the miroVideo can only save to disk, and not to
>memory. CuSeeMe of course needs a card which can send the picture to
>memory, so that CuSeeMe itself can take care of the compression, using
>a proprietary algorithm. The compression algorithm has to be special
>the because of the lossy scheme of transmission of pictures (UDP
>the packets). If you have Video for Windows, you can check if card can
>transfer the pictures to memory by looking if you see a picture in
>VidCap, working in Preview mode. Knowing this won't help much because
>the picture would still be M-JPEG compressed.

Thanks for responding.

The card does in fact support both 16 and 32 bit RGB, and I manage to
send with VidCall. The card is also VfW compatible. I sort-of get an
image in the send window of CuSeeMe, but its upside down, and *very*
noisy. You can only really tell there's something by the movement. I
suspect that when CuSeeMe supports 16 bit RGB, that my problems will go