Reflector 3.0b3 woes

Mike Loewen (
Mon, 8 May 1995 17:12:43 -0400

I'm running reflector version 3.0b3 on a Sun, and having only partial
success. Here are the particulars:

Sun Sparc 10
SunOS 4.1.3
IP Multicast patches, release 3.3
NV 3.3beta
VAT 3.4

Symptoms (assuming there are CU-SeeMe users attached to my reflector):

1. When I try to use UNICAST with either NV or VAT, I get no audio or video

2. When I configure the system with a multicast address, I can see both
audio and video from the CU-SeeMe users. In this case, the reflector is
set up with NV-MC-OUT and VAT-MC-OUT

3. If I configure the reflector for NV-MC-IN/NV-MC-OUT and VAT-MC-IN/VAT-MC-OUT,
I can't see or hear the CU-SeeMe users. The software looks like it's
transmitting, but the CU-SeeMe users see/hear nothing.

Any tips or suggestions? If anyone is running a multicast-configured
reflector on a similar system, would you please email me? Thanks.

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