Re: Captivator and Windows 95

Jack Nguyen (
Mon, 8 May 1995 20:47:49 -0600

[On 8 May 95, 17:41]Re: Captivator and Windows 95, W. John Guineau

> Has anyone tried a VideoLogic captivator under Windows 95 yet?
> thanks in advance for any responses...
I don't have the VideoLogic Captivator. . .but I just spoke to a
person at VideoLogic today. I asked him does the Captivator works in
Win95. His response is that he cannot discuss about Win95 because
it's not out yet. I then asked him will VideoLogic Captivator be
supported in Win95 WHEN it's out. His response is that he is not
sure. I decided to not purchase the Captivator untils VideoLogic
assures me that they WILL support Win95.

Jack Nguyen