Re: how much bandwidth is needed for cu-seeme?

Elliott Francis (
Mon, 8 May 1995 21:43:28 +0100

>I've read quite a bit of information about CU-SeeMe and I'm very excited
>about getting plugged in. I've got one question, tho:
>My goal is to broadcast both sound and video. I have read that 14.4 just
>isn't fast enough. That's OK, I can get a 28.8 modem no problem, but is
>that fast enough to broadcast both sound and video?

Not really. You can recieve video at a very slow frame rate, which over
time becomes annoying. Sound, is simply impossible at those speeds. What
you need is an ISDN line. I'm looking into getting one myself... Call
you're local phone carrier and ask them about it and the rates they

>From what I understand, these digitized phone line carry a tremendous
amount of bandwidth and are now being made available at very low rates so
phone line vendors can get the jump on the cable companies in the race for
interactive connectivity and teleputers.

Elliott Francis
Black Entertainment Television
Burbank, California