QUICKCAM on 7100/80 AV OS 7.5.1 does not work.

Luca Toldo (Luca.Toldo@EMBL-Heidelberg.DE)
Tue, 09 May 1995 09:35:58 +0100

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Dear VideoConf users,
I am sorry to bother you, but I have the following problem:

I bought the Connectix Quickcam camera and checked its functionality (and of
its software) on the following platforms, and it worked beautifully (lets talk
about the video):

Hardware OS Tested with
Macintosh Classic II (b/w) 7.0 QuickPict,QuickMovie
PowerPC 7100 7.5.1 QuickPict,QuickMovie,Cu-SeeMe.ppc.0.80b2
PowerPC 6100 7.5.1 Cu-SeeMe

Therefore I assumed it was going to work also in the following setup, which it
did not:

Hardware OS Tested with
PowerPC 7100/AV 7.5.1 QuickPict,QuickMovie,Cu-SeeMe.ppc.0.80b2

I have of course checked that the serial ports work and they seems allright.

I have received so far an extremely kind help from joe@utdallas.edu which wrote

>I have a sony multiscan 17se plugged into the AV card sitting in the left slot
>that came with the AV (as viewed from behind. In one of the free nubus slots,
>I use an Apple 24 (something or other) display card to drive an apple gray
>scale two page display

Therefore seemed that at least he got it to work ... the problem I have is
that I "just" have the standard setup with original Apple 20" RGB color monitor
connected through the Built-In AV Video... using the Monitors tool v7.5.1.

I have already tried of course to just use "vanilla 7.5.1" with just the
quickcam exts added, use gray scales,change different monitor settings
(1152x870,75 Hz ---> 640x480,67Hz), etc., etc., etc., I have of course checked
the effect of the quickcam updater 1.0.2a

Any help will be acknowledged.

p.s. of course I checked the FAQ on the QuickCam
written by msattler@jungle.com, and there is only vaguely reported that

"We had a few reports of fuzzy pictues on Power Mac 7100's but not enough to
isolate to the machine" (as Thom_Hogan@connectix.com said on 12 Dec 1994)

However that FAQ although highly enriched of potentially useful links, has
several of them not reachable (i.e. the Francisco Luis Roque page, Bill's page,
overview of audio and video, ... and my Netscape1.1B3 for PowerPC always crash
when I click on the (albeit properly configured) mailto links ...)

I have also checked the CUSeeMe Macintosh Trouble-shooting FAQ
written by msattler@jungle.com and therein is mentionat that
"Read the section about AV hints, which mentions things like setting the monitor
colors to 256, using the correct 'vdig' powering down to reset VideoSpigots and
so on" but unfortunately there is no "section about AV hints" nor a URL for that
therefore I have not had the chance to get that infos...