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Prices for CU-SEEME mailing list members are:

1 copy VideoVu - $59.95 plus $5 s/h
2 Pack - $109.95 plus $5 s/h

Please disregard the prices on the Web page. Mention you are CU-SEEME
mailing list members when ordering for the discount to be honored.

P.S - VideoVu and CU-SEEME are both great products, we are not
replacing CU-SEEME.
P.S.S - VideoVu works with Internet Phone
P.S.S.S - VideoVu works with the Video Logic Captivator and the PRO


COLOR PC Video Conferencing is Here!

VideoVu is the the first practical COLOR PC video conferencing product.
VideoVu enables Internet, modem-to-modem and network users to do live
action color video conferencing at a fraction of the cost of other
systems. VideoVu features shared workspace, video e-mail, teletype
chat and file transfer. The possibilities are endless. VideoVu can be
set up in a matter of minutes and is easy to use.

Both one-way and two-way video transmission is possible over the
Internet, on ordinary analog phone lines or on a local area network.

To receive video on your computer no additional hardware is necessary,
only the VideoVu software.

To video conference with another modem user you simply enter their
telephone number. To video conference with another Internet user you
simply enter their IP address instead of their modem number and you are
quickly connected and have a live video connection. Over the
Internet you can video conference with other people located thousands of
miles away for the cost of a call to your Internet service
provider.(usually local).

If you wish to send video, VideoVu will work seamlessly with over 25
inexpensive video capture boards. You can send and receive video from
any video source - Video Camera, VCR or TV. We even include a capture
board in a complete package.

Unlike other systems costing thousands more, VideoVu's frame rate does
not degrade regardless of the motion of the subjects before the camera.
You'll get higher frame rates (approaching 10 frames per second) using
higher speed computing and telecommunications environments. Address
books can be set up and maintained so dialing is as easy as clicking a
button. In seconds you are connected and ready to video conference.

VideoVu works with Internet Phone. Use of new voice/data modems allows
simultaneous voice/video communications over one telephone line if
desired. Multi-point group Workspace sharing (with or without live
video) over the LAN and WAN is a powerful feature of VideoVu. A
participant can enter a group Workspace conversation merely by calling
or being called by anyone currently in the conference. Multiple
multi-point conferences can occur simultaneously over the network.

VideoVu's Shared Workspace includes many editing tools. In addition to
bringing image files (.bmp, .pcx, .gif, .tif, .tga, and compressed) into
the workspace for transfer or shared annotation, participants can
actually share applications and bring in the text and bitmap contents of
the Windows clipboard as well.

VideoVu Uses
Here are just a few of the uses of VideoVu - the possibilities are

Person-to-person video conferencing
Training - take a class or give a class
Remote Business meetings
Product marketing
Group conferencing
Remote video surveillance - home, office or warehouse
Long distance Family Reunions
On-line, live video BBS
Long distance Dating
Entertainment - watch TV or movies WITHOUT a TV or VCR

Operates over regular phone lines
Phone book with saved images
Operates over the Internet
Video mail w/ voice
Point-to-point modem operations
Incoming call announced or auto answered
LAN/WAN Multi-point conferencing
Remote selection of video sources and image quality
Shared workspace with editing tools
Voice/data switching on single line
Minimal hardware requirements
File transfer
Two-way teletype dialogue
Image capture, compression and display
Inexpensive video conferencing solution

Written Manual and On-line help

Environment: Microsoft Windows(tm) 3.1 or higher, Windows(tm) NT
CPU: 386/33, 486 or higher (486 or higher recommended)
VGA Graphics Cards: 256 colors (hi-color recommended); must be
compatible with selected
video capture card
Disk Space: 2Mb available RAM: 4Mb minimum

Some of the Video Capture Boards Supported: WinTV, VideoBlaster,
PCVideoMaster, ProMotion, VideoSurge, WaveWatcher, VideoPacker,
MicroVideo, miroMOVIE, AVer 2000 and 2000 Pro, Compunic, IGA Window,
WatchIT!TV, LifeView, MyTVGold, MyWIN, Quick Via, Super Video Windows,
PV-100 and many Video For Windows compatible boards including
Logitech Movieman, Fast Moviemachine, I/O Magic (PCMCIA), Video-in
(PCMCIA), Aver Commander, Oceanview, Lasonic, Thinkpad(tm) .

VideoVu comes with a 100%, no questions asked, money back guaranty! If
,for any reason, you are not delighted with VideoVu return it for a full

To order by phone with VISA/MASTERCARD call (516) 496-7121
To order by mail please return this form:
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** Please send me one copy of VideoVu - $74.95 + $5.00 s/h

** Please send me the VideoVu Two Pak - $129.95 + $5.00 s/h (Two
copies VideoVu)

** Please send me the VideoVu Complete Kit - $325 + $8.00 (Two copies
and Video Logic PRO Capture Board)

(NY residents please add 8 1/2% sales tax)

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