Re: ISDN availability.

John D. Balogh, +1 814 863 1252 (
Tue, 09 May 1995 11:54:24 -0400

>[...] ISDN [...] a sense of how prevalent they currently are?

We have used ISDN here at Penn State for the last 2 years. Only
a handfull of lines, but that is increasing at a non-linear rate...

>What areas in the U.S. currently provide them at a reasonable rate,

"reasonable"... hmmm, I'll let that one slide...

>and if so, what is that rate?

I'm in central PA, so only one point of reference here:

- Bell Atlantic rolled out their "ISDN Everywhere" package last year
(It only applies to business lines, no residential tarrif yet...)
so we can almost get an ISDN line anywhere in PA/MD/DE/etc.
- Install cost is under $200 for the U interface demarc (no NT1).
- Monthly cost varies from ~$26 (one "voice" "B" channel)
to ~$38 (2 data/voice switchable "B" channels) per month.
- Useage charges apply for data calls at $0.05 per minute
(volume discounts are available if you sign up for them in advance).
This charge applies to all data calls (in town). Long distance varies.
- If your site is beyond the usual 18,000 cable feet from a CO or SLC,
you are charged an extra $20 per month for an Adtran ISDN Line Extender.
However, if you must be back-fed out of a non-Bell CO, there is no extra
charge. Go figure...

Hope this helps.

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