LWP w/ CU-SeeMe

Rich Kennerly (rbk1@cornell.edu)
Tue, 09 May 1995 13:22:28 -0400

The Async error message has nothing to do with async support as most
people know it (serial lines). This means that your winsock stack, LWP,
does not allow UDP traffic to be asyncronous, meaning that CU-SeeMe cannot
get messages when incoming packets arrive and it must wait until a packet
actually gets sent out the interface before control returns to the program.
Some people have gotten LWP to work, others cannot. I haven't yet heard
from anyone who has a real handle on how to configure this though.
You might want to get on the cu-seeme-announce list instead so you'll
only hear about new versions; if we solve this it will be announced there.

-Rich Kennerly - <rbk1@cornell.edu> PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer

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This is the fifth or sixth attempt to get some help. Does someone know
what to do to get cuseeme running on a 486/66 PC, Windows 3.1, novell network,
lan workplace, ccmail configuration. It is frustrating to get several responses,
none of which seem to help solve my problems in getting cuseeme to run.

The latest error message has to do with WAASYNC blew chow. Someone suggested
that we needed the async software from novell. We do not need async services
within our novell configuration. Well it costs a lot of money and without some
great assurances that it will work, my boss won't spend the bucks.

Is there anybody smart enough to come up with the solution and send me
some information. I am about to give up on cuseeme...............

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