Re: ISDN availability.

Bennett Frankel (
Tue, 9 May 1995 14:37:37 -0400 (EDT)

John, I am getting an ISDN line and will be using the adtran ISU express.
What software are you using to connect to your internet provider. Thanks
for your help.

On Tue, 9 May 1995 wrote:

> >[...] ISDN [...] a sense of how prevalent they currently are?
> We have used ISDN here at Penn State for the last 2 years. Only
> a handfull of lines, but that is increasing at a non-linear rate...
> >What areas in the U.S. currently provide them at a reasonable rate,
> "reasonable"... hmmm, I'll let that one slide...
> >and if so, what is that rate?
> I'm in central PA, so only one point of reference here:
> - Bell Atlantic rolled out their "ISDN Everywhere" package last year
> (It only applies to business lines, no residential tarrif yet...)
> so we can almost get an ISDN line anywhere in PA/MD/DE/etc.
> - Install cost is under $200 for the U interface demarc (no NT1).
> - Monthly cost varies from ~$26 (one "voice" "B" channel)
> to ~$38 (2 data/voice switchable "B" channels) per month.
> - Useage charges apply for data calls at $0.05 per minute
> (volume discounts are available if you sign up for them in advance).
> This charge applies to all data calls (in town). Long distance varies.
> - If your site is beyond the usual 18,000 cable feet from a CO or SLC,
> you are charged an extra $20 per month for an Adtran ISDN Line Extender.
> However, if you must be back-fed out of a non-Bell CO, there is no extra
> charge. Go figure...
> Hope this helps.
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