CU-seeme on Wabi

Piers O'Hanlon (
Tue, 09 May 95 19:19:36 +0100

>Has anyone tried CuSeeME under WABI? I can start it up but have not been
>able to connect to anywhere.
Yup. I have run CU-seeme quite successfully with Wabi_2.0 running on a Sparc
10 under Solaris 2.4. I have connected up to various sites with up to 8
windows being updated well. The audio won't work as there doesn't seem to be
an interface to the underlying Sparc audio hardware from Wabi.

I don't really read this list so email me direct if you want more details
(there aren't that many more anyway).

Piers O'Hanlon

Audio Visual Centre
University College London.