Yvonne Marie Andres (andresyv@CERF.NET)
Tue, 9 May 1995 15:01:50 -0700 (PDT)

Attention All!

This announcement is to let all of you, who have been inquiring, know
that the Global Schoolhouse(TM) Project is very much alive and well - and

To clear up the confusion, the funding cycle for original project that
was funded by National Science Foundation and other sponsors, has
officially ended. However, the work of building the "Global Schoolhouse,"
that began over a decade ago with the Global SchoolNet Foundation(GSN),

The concept for a "global schoolhouse" originated in 1985 when teachers
in San Diego linked their students to classrooms on the east coast. With
a grant from the National Science Foundation in 1992, GSN launched the
"official" Global Schoolhouse Pilot Project that showcased live
video-conferencing over the Internet.

Global SchoolNet Foundation is very interested in identifying schools,
organizations, businesses, and individuals who want to become "partners"
in expanding the concept of the Global Schoolhouse. This is an
international effort to encourage "change agents" to work together to
improve education and to support lifelong learning.


This list will send you periodic updates of collaborative
projects, training materials, and special events focusing
on using the Internet to make education more effective.

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This list will put you in touch with other K12 schools
AROUND THE WORLD who have the capability to do CU-SeeMe
video conferencing over the Internet. The list will be
used to announce upcoming special events and opportunities
for schools to participate in live videoconferences with
schools, scientists, authors, government, business, and
community leaders.

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You can learn more about the Global SchoolNet Foundation, the Global
Schoolhouse(TM) Project, and other exciting projects, including Geogame,
Family Tree-Mail: Language Translation, CyberStars: Number Ones of
Tomorrow, and Where on the Globe is Roger? by accessing our WWWeb site at:
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