CU-SeeMe freeze

Howard Upchurch (
Wed, 10 May 95 11:27:00 CDT

I need help with CU-SeeMe!

The problem: The program freezes up on me with great regularity, most
frequently when 2 or more received video windows are open, but also with
just one. Freezes occur anytime from within seconds after connecting to a
reflector site, to after more than twenty minutes. Error modes, in order of
frequency, have been any of the following:
1) The Mac freezes, cursor moves, but does nothing.
2) Everything freezes, including the cursor.
3) Application unexpectedly quits.
4) System error, type 11 (Miscellaneous hardware exception).

In all cases, a Mac restart is the only fix. Many times I can hear the hard
disk run for a split second just as the freeze occurs. Whether this is a
cause, effect, or unrelated, I do not know. I have no known problem with
any other application or equipment. All other Internet- and modem-related
programs operate well and fast.

The equipment: Mac 7100/66 (Not AV), hot-clocked to 87 MHz, 48 MB RAM, 2
Gig Quantum HD connected to a PLI QuickSCSI Nubus card, Connectix QuickCam
on Printer Port (software version 1.03), System 7.5.1, Internal CD-ROM. I
access the Internet through a Supra 288 FaxModem, v.34, connected to the
Modem port.

Attempted fixes:
1) Removed all extensions & control panels with the exception of MacTCP,
Quicktime & Quicktime Power Plug (even the QuickCam inits removed).
2) Disconnected the QuickCam & diasbled its software.
3) Tried various versions of MacTCP (now 2.0.6).
4) With or without Apple Multimedia tuner installed.
5) Tried the system clock at 88 MHz, 80MHz, 66 MHz and with hot-clock
circuitry removed.
6) Used CU-SeeMe software downloaded from several sources.
7) Tried the 0.7 version, as well as the 0.8b2 & 0.8b1 for PPC and for 680x0.
8) Allocated the application anywhere from 3716 to 15000 K of RAM.
9) Opened another large program before CU-SeeMe in order to force it to
load into a different portion of RAM.
10) Zapped the PRAM.
11) Set the screen to 256 greys instead of 256 colors.
12) Reversed the modem/printer port connections.
13) Disconnected the SCSI chain.
14) Tried it from another hard disk.
15) Tried it from a clean System installed on a SyQuest.
16) Lowered the sound from 44 KHz to 22 KHz in Sound Out.
17) Connected the HD to the normal SCSI port & removed the PLI QuickSCSI card.
18) Turned the HD read & write caches on & off.
19) Set the Mac's Disk Cache to 32K (from my normal 2048).
20) Removed 256K second level cache board.
21) Reversed 16M SIMMs and 4M SIMMs socket positions.
22) Checked HD & Mac with Norton software.
23) Checked for viruses with SAM.
24) Appletalk turned on and off.

I tend to rule out the modem or my Internet provider, because after a
freeze, the connection remains and the "RD" light flashes for 20 or more

Has anyone experienced similar difficulties or can anyone suggest something
I have to try? Replies will be most appreciated.

Howard Upchurch