Michael Bryenton (
10 May 95 12:39:00 EDT

Re the below, have it installed on a MAC and a PC. Still not working. Could it
be something to do with my firewall ?
Help , please ....

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Date: 22 Nov 94 16:15:00 EDT
Subject: Re: CU-SEEME - want to see it work ..

>I have installed the software Version W0.34B4 as stated in the README file. I
>try to do a connection to a reflector, says opening connection ...
>Then connecting to the reflector name, then it allways says no resonse form
>Reflector. I have tried all reflector sites I could get my hands on. Would
>much like to see this product in use, so could anyone assist ?

Try There is not a lot of activity, but we try to maintain
a signal 24 hr a day so that people can test their setup. We have the setup
we are sending from set to a low send rate so the image may be a little
jerky if people are moving very quickly around the lab.