Re: ISDN availability.
10 May 95 09:04

[Text item: Re: ISDN availability.]
Pacific Bell offers residential ISDN for about $35 installation (internal
wiring not included) and $25/mo for 2B+D Basic Rate (BRI). The Telcos
are not 100% up to speed on ISDN though, and istallation/configuration
problems are common. You basically have to find the right knowledgable
individual at the Telco to talk to and be very patient. I am in the
middle of this process now. I'll keep you posted....

Given the probable increased demand for ISDN lines as driven by
technologies such as CU-SeeMe, does anyone have a sense of how prevalent
they currently are? What areas in the U.S. currently provide them at a
reasonable rate, and if so, what is that rate?
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