Re: CuSeeMe from Wabi

Piers O'Hanlon (
Wed, 10 May 95 17:42:17 +0100

Darren Suprina writes [on <>]:
> >WABI has no protocol support. You can't see the IP stack.
> >
> >There is Winsock support, but I don't think that this will
> >help you.
> >
CU-seeme works fine under Wabi_2.0, which can resolve hostnames and talk to
the network. The only thing that's irritating is that wabi doesn't interface
to the Sparc audio hardware (unless there's something that will link the two?)

> >You might want to try SunPC (or any of the similar alternatives,
> >such as SoftPC).
I'd have thought you'd only need that for DOS based products (and some lazy
windows apps)?

Piers O'Hanlon

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