Help Needed

Bill Burrall (
Wed, 10 May 95 14:00:17 PDT

We are just getting started with CU-SeeMe and have downloaded it on our PC
with Windows 3.11 According to the help files, we just need some basics to
be able to view only for starters. We do not have a camera as yet. We do
have a 486 DX266 with 8meg RAM and are connected via 56Kb frame relay to the
Net. We can view mpeg files from the net with our software. Our TCP/IP
stack comes from Netmanage's Chameleon. We are unsure where to configure
the host IP address and machine name.

Any help for real beginners to get us started would be sincerely appreciated.


Name: Bill Burrall, Computer Instructor
Moundsville Junior High School
Marshall County Schools, WV
843-4443 (Classroom Phone)
843-4440 (Office Phone)
843-4446 (Fax)


Date: 05/10/95
Time: 14:00:17

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