Re: CU-SeeMe over Ethernet?

Michael Sattler (
Wed, 10 May 1995 21:45:31 -0700 asked:

>A little ways back someone posted a how-to guide on setting up CU-SeeMe
>over localtalk with Macs. I was wondering if it can be done with Ethernet
>on Macs, and if so, what is the improvement in performance using Ethernet
>over Localtalk? (In terms of bandwith, or how many more frames can you
>tranfer a second??) I'm going to be demoing CU-SeeMe over a network and
>I'd like to know if ethernet would make sense over localtalk.

EtherTalk is much faster than LocalTalk is, and CU-SeeMe will work just
fine over it.

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