Re: Cu-Seeme and Appletalk?

Michael Sattler (
Wed, 10 May 1995 21:45:04 -0700

>I may be way out of my depth in answering this, but if you have two
>isolated Macs connected together, couldn't you just install MacTCP on both
>and manually assign them with IP numbers? They won't be able to do
>anything else on the Internet (because of their isolation) but it seem to
>me you might be able to connect to each other using CU-SeeMe and their
>respective IP numbers...???

Yes, certainly this would work. There's no rule that says any machine
running TCP/IP must be on the net. I'm not sure about AppleTalk tho,
because (1) I'm not sure it's packet-based and (2) doesn't AppleTalk have
an incredibly low bandwidth? Certainly it'll work over EtherTalk. You can
also directly connect two Macs running TCP/IP via modems.

By the way, a friend of mine just hacked AppleTalk into Linux. We'll see
where that gets us :-)

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