Connection (fwd)

Alexey L. Telitsin (
Thu, 11 May 1995 19:23:20 +0800 (MSD)

Hello !
I'm using ChameleonNFS.
When I tried to use CUSEEME for Windows It said "No response from ......."
I change file HOSTS and set IP( and my hostname(telecon),
and checked it in Chameleon\Custom\Service\Hosts tables,
but CUSEEME said "No response..." again.
I set CUSEEME\preferences\Your name to my hostname,
but CUSEEME said "No response..".
I checked NEWT program of Chamelion , IP and hostname was correct.
I opened NEWT\Tables\Sockets and saw ..............
last line:
protoclol LocalIP LocalPort RomoteIP RemotePort State
UPD 7648 7648 Open

But when I'm connecting to WWW or FTP in Local IP there
is my IP address
Why CUSEEME sets Local IP to ?
Why It happens ? How can I configurate CUSEEME or Chameleon ???