Re: Cu-Seeme and Appletalk?

Alan Larson (
Thu, 11 May 95 07:37:47 PDT

> Yes, certainly this would work. There's no rule that says any machine
> running TCP/IP must be on the net. I'm not sure about AppleTalk tho,
> because (1) I'm not sure it's packet-based and (2) doesn't AppleTalk have
> an incredibly low bandwidth?

Once you connect two machines with localtalk, they are networked.
It doesn't matter if there is a connection to "the net".

As for speed, 230,400 kbps of localtalk is slower than ethernet,
but it is faster than most CU-SeeMe transmission rates I have seen.

(It is also packet based. Mild flame: Why do people who admit to
not knowing things feel the need to answer questions about them?)