Mac Audio

David R. Seay (
Thu, 11 May 95 09:45:36 PDT

> What determines if the microphone icon will appear in the audio window
> of Mac CU-SeeMe (CU-SeeMe.68k0.80b2.bin)? On a Quadra 950 the icon
> always appears, but it doesn't appear on a Mac IIsi or a Quadra 700.
> It also doesn't seem to matter if a microphone is plugged-in or not.
> On Mac IIci's a message appears indicating there is no audio-input
> source - which is understandable since there is no microphone plug.
> This message doesn't appear on the Quadra 700 or IIsi, but still no
> microphone icon will appear. Any suggestions or explanations?

Thanks for the help on this one. It was correctly pointed-out to me
that these symtoms are caused by not having the Sound Manager
extension installed (the Macs that worked were running System 7.5
which has this built-in). The Sound Manager extension can be obtained
through Apple's WWW server at
Everything works fine now!