disconnect problems with CUSeeMe

James R Feeney +1 908 949 3120 (jrf@globe1.att.com)
11 May 95 17:11:00 -0400

I have CUSeeME running on two PCs connected over aLAN with Chameleon
network software. One PC has the Video Blaster SE100 card and the other
PC is just a lurker. I can connect and send video but after about a
minute or so I get a message that the connection has timed out. The
CUSeeME dialog box says "disconnecting" but it never does. I have to
close CUSeeME and restart it to clear the connection (this disconnect
problem also happens when I manually try to disconnect). Does anyone
have ideas of whats going on here?


Jim Feeney

P.S. I can connect between these two PCs over the LAN just fine when
I'm not using CUSeeMe.