Re: Quickcam and Powerbook

Michael Sattler (
Thu, 11 May 1995 20:44:23 -0700

At 18:44 5/1/95, Neal Gowen wrote:

>...Quickcam on a Powerbook 540C...
>What I would like to know is (and I feel it's probably a stupid question
>already), at home, is there any way I can run my 28.8 modem, _and_ the
>Quickcam at the same time, taking into consideration I only have one
>combined serial port on the Powerbook. I log into work using ARA2.

If you use a PCMCIA modem or an internal modem, then the answer should be
yes. If you're using an external modem, which uses the combined
modem/printer serial port, the answer is no.

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