CuSeeme on ISDN with Trupmet

emile anderson (
Fri, 12 May 95 07:35:08 PDT

Hi all.

I am running CuSeeme from home on 112K ISDN using Trumpet Winsock 2.0b. I
have successfully operated at 56K (single data channel). When attempting to
run on a bonded line (112K), Trumpet appears to fail and consequently
CuSeeme fails. I believe it is because Trumpet sends packets at asychronus
which is incompatible with the bonded protocal.

I am using a $400 combined NT1 and Terminal adaptor (Motorola 210A with
special DSP chipset) with external DTE serial connection into my PC on an
ISDN line that costs me $25 a month. The Internet connection is free on an
experimental Netblazer/Motorola 220 TA setup. Very low budget, but it works
like a champ at 56K.

Has anyone successfully used CuSeeme for PC on a dial-up 112K/128K ISDN
connection with a Trumpet Winsock only? Does it requie a modified sychronous
packet driver as Netmanager Chameleon is selling in v4.5?

I believe this is relevant to this forum in that CuSeeme is a natural
application requiring the extended bandwidth ISDN affords. Figuring out the
cheapest working combo is important for its competitive distribution.

TIA. Emile