Re: CU-SeeMe Balloon Help

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 12 May 1995 16:17:38 -0700

At 13:42 5/12/95, David R. Seay wrote:
>Here's a question for Mac CU-SeeMe users: Can 'balloon help' be
>written and implemented independently of the application software
>itself? I'm thinking that maybe the CU-SeeMe user community could
>write the balloon help stuff and distribute it separately from the
>CU-SeeMe executable. Is this feasible?

There needs to be code in the program's event loop to allow balloon help to
be implemented, so, no, you can't do it completely independently. Since
the CU-SeeMe code is about to go public, why don't you read up on how to
implement balloon help (both the coding aspect as well as the resource file
needs) and then

(1) contact the CU-SeeMe development team to have them add the code while
you do the resource file contents

(2) get a Mac programmer to do the code while you do the resource help

(3) do both parts yourself

Please, please, please make sure that any and all changes you make are
communicated directly back to the CU-SeeMe development team, so that
subsequent releases benefit from your care and work.

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