Re: CuSeeme on ISDN with Trupmet

Don Johnson (
Sat, 13 May 1995 01:33:04 -0400

I hope all replies are posted to the list. This is valuable info. Incidentally,
though ISDN is still expensive in most of the US it is the standard in Europe.

Don Johnson, Orlando, Fl USA

>Hi all.
>I am running CuSeeme from home on 112K ISDN using Trumpet Winsock 2.0b. I
>have successfully operated at 56K (single data channel). When attempting to
>run on a bonded line (112K), Trumpet appears to fail and consequently
>CuSeeme fails. I believe it is because Trumpet sends packets at asychronus
>which is incompatible with the bonded protocal.
>I am using a $400 combined NT1 and Terminal adaptor (Motorola 210A with
>special DSP chipset) with external DTE serial connection into my PC on an
>ISDN line that costs me $25 a month. The Internet connection is free on an
>experimental Netblazer/Motorola 220 TA setup. Very low budget, but it works
>like a champ at 56K.
>Has anyone successfully used CuSeeme for PC on a dial-up 112K/128K ISDN
>connection with a Trumpet Winsock only? Does it requie a modified sychronous
>packet driver as Netmanager Chameleon is selling in v4.5?
>I believe this is relevant to this forum in that CuSeeme is a natural
>application requiring the extended bandwidth ISDN affords. Figuring out the
>cheapest working combo is important for its competitive distribution.
>TIA. Emile