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Sat, 13 May 1995 13:20:10 -0700

At 10:25 5/13/95, Don Johnson wrote:
>msattler wrote:
>>At 22:32 5/12/95, Don Johnson wrote:
>>>...Their system claims to
>>>use the outer edge of Eithernet cable therefore not degrading network
>>>performance nada....
>>Huh? How do they train the electrons to recognize the outer edge of the
>>cable? Does it matter if you use Thicknet (IEEE 802.3) which has much more
>>of an outer surface, thinnet (which has much less), or twisted-pair RJ-11
>>(where the outside gets twisted to be the inside, and, well, the electrons
>>would get all dizzy).
>Leave it to you Michael to not let me get away with that one! Let me put it
>in their words and I welcome all feedback.
>"Many DVC systems use the computer's CPU and memory for processing; others
>use network bandwidth that's normally reserved for data and other
>applications. Just one video phone call with these systems can bring an
>entire network to a standstill."
>"By contrast, C-Phone does not affect the performance of PC's and the
>network. C-PHONE's internal card includes its own processor and memory,
>freeing the computer's processing power for other work. And, since C-PHONE
>transmits video at broadband rates, the bandwidth required for normal data
>traffic remains untouched."
>"...No network bandwidth is used in transmitting the video. Hundreds of
>simultaneous video calls can be made. Other DVC systems often have the
>ability to connect within the building, but these systems use enormous
>amounts of network bandwidth, rendering the network unusable for the people
>who use the network when even one video call is in progress."

I understand how having a processor and memory on a special card would free
up the main CPU, but the bit about "no network bandwidth is used in
transmitting the video" rings my bullshit bell, even if it "transmits video
at broadband rates" (which I've never heard before).

Video is bandwidth-intensive. If you're passing bits from one machine to
another, it's using up bandwidth that could be used for, say, playing DOOM
or Marathon. Someone hand me a clue if I'm missing one here, but this
sounds like marketing hand-waving here.

Michael "broadband rate" Sattler

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