video/audio conferencing over the internet

Jean-Jaques Tchouto (
Mon, 15 May 95 06:37:44 +0200


We have 2 Local area networks:

1) A wireless local area network(transmission rate 1Mbps)

Wireless hub: + MeshNet2-hub
+ Power 100mW
Antenna modedule:+MeshNet2 module(with antenna)
Antenna characteristic: omnidirectional
protocol: CSMA/CA
Name/Version of TCP/IP Driver: FTP software ver 2.3
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum(DSS)
Frequenz: 2.445-2.475 GH
reach per Station: 50m-100m
transmission rate :1Mbps

2) An Ethernet LAN.

** Both are connected in Internet.
** Both have computer with folowing characteristics:

Processor: Intel S-Series 486 DX2/50
Bus-system: VLB
main memory: 16MB
Operating system MS-DOS6.2 / MS-Windows 3.11 .
Name/Version of TCP/IP Driver: FTP software ver 2.3
Make/Model of video card : Video Blaser Fs200/ 188
Make/Model of camera : TeleCamera 4000/200
Make/Model of audio card: sound Blaser 16
Make/Model of microphone: game with the card

** I would like to install CU-SeeMe on my System!!!.
Version of CU-SeeMe: windows version 0.34b5

** My Question about audio conferencing:

Only the More recent Mac models also support audio!!!.
** Do you have a suggestion, how can I use audio conferencing!!!?.
** Would you please be so kind as to tell what audio software are adapted?
** If free or commercial audio software please let me know where I can find it.
Its very urgent.!!!

I would be very grateful for every information you give me.

Many thanks and regards.

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