Re: use the outer edge of Eithernet

Chuck Elliot (
Mon, 15 May 1995 10:05:50 -0400

>At 17:23 5/13/95, Matthew Beebe wrote:
>>Well, think of it as "out-of-band" and you'll be a step ahead.
>>The 802.3 (ethernet) only uses a certain portion of the physical
>>bandwith on the cable...
>>The same thing is done with these video/voice over existing
>>systems. The data is modulated onto an unused "channel" of
>>the existing ethernet cable. ie: The 802.3 only takes a fixed
>>amount of bandwith to work.. the cable has physical characteristics
>>allowing it to carry more data.
>This is news to me. I always assumed that the amount of data one could
>pull around a network was constrained by the physical limitations of the
>cable/fiber, not by some standard that decreed what the max bits/second

My understanding is that bandwidth effectively limits the signal rate. That
does not mean that a particular signal will necessarilly exploit the the
available bandwidth but why anyone would leave available bandwidth
lying around unexploited is a mystery to me.

>If there's really "unused" space on any given network, wouldn't this be the
>first place hackers and providers would work on to get more bits in and out
>of a system?
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