Problem Using Cu-SeeMe

John Hooper (
Mon, 15 May 1995 21:08:10 UNDEFINED

How are you going? My name is John Hooper and I am having problems
Cu-SeeMe working. I hope you can help me? I download the program version
number W0.34b5 for Windows and get it set up no problems. I am using the
program through a PPP connection. When I go to connect to someone or to a
reflector it goes through all the connecting messages and then comes up with a
message "No Response from ....(Whatever Server I am Trying To Connect To)".
I hope that makes sence. I have been talking to a few people and they said
it could have something to do with my Internet Provider. I am on a
restricted network and I think my problem IS with the provider and i wonder if
you could help me with the port number Cu-SeeMe communicates on as I need to
approach my System Admin. and ask them to open up the required port. Another
question is will Cu-SeeMe pose any security risk to my provider comunicating
through it's particular port. I hope you can help me and I look foward to
your reply soon.

Thanks ,
John Hooper
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