Salim Shivji (salim@Kwantlen.BC.CA)
Mon, 15 May 1995 10:15:58 +0800

I just joined the mailing list and downloaded the cu-seeme software
(PC - Windows version). Having some difficulty running the application.
When I connect to a site (for example,, I get "No
response from ...". I have tried several sites and it's the same result
(No response from ...). Am I doing something wrong?

Configuration: - PC Clone - 486 DX2 - 66
CU-Seeme for Windows
MS Windows 3.1
Trumpet Winsock
** Do not have a video card **

Setup: - I run a SLIP connection, and an IP address is dynamically allocated.
Host file contains all the SLIP IP addresses.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Salim Shivji
Programmer/Network Analyst
Kwantlen University College
12666 72nd Avenue,
Surrey, B.C.