Re: ISND in Europe

Don Johnson (
Mon, 15 May 1995 19:11:59 -0400

>Dear All,
>ON: Sat, 13 May 1995 01:33:04 -0400
> (Don Johnson) wrote:
>> Incidentally, though ISDN is still expensive in
>> most of the US it is the standard in Europe.

On 13 May Ian-Carr de Avelon responded:

>If only that were true.

As your reply and several others indicates I was clearly wrong on this one.
That's what I get for repeating what a commercial video conferencing vendor
told me with-out any verification what-so-ever! I appreciate the replies and
the interesting conversation that resulted...

In regards to:
>Incidently is this THE Don Johnson? I am THE Ian
>Carr-de Avelon, in case anyone was wondering.

Yes. I am the REAL Don Johnson, not the actor. However if Melanie would like
to go out with me I am available!!


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