ISDN and Frame Rates

Don Johnson (
Mon, 15 May 1995 19:50:13 -0400

I think CUSM is a terrific program and appreciate the work of the
development team and its supporters very much. So much so that this is the
only list that I read faithfully. However, at 28.8 (115,200) especially with
no sound it is a joke. I regularly experience 0-1 FPS and sometimes the
images don't bother to show up. I realize this is a bandwidth situation but
what is the solution for people who want better performance?

Is it feasible to operate on an inexpensive 56K line? What kind of frame
rates can I expect? I can get ISDN for $57.00 per month and installation
starting at $200.00 (2 64Kbits "B" channels and a "D" channel for signaling
for 128-kbps performance). What frame rates can I expect using an ISDN
internet connection to these lines. I just found a high end digital modem
for $749.00 from ZyXel (Computer Reseller News, May 8th, 1995). It includes
an NT-1 interface. Am I correct in assuming that the people who actually
enjoy the NASA feed and other on line productions are using such
connections? It seems to me that with appropriate frame rates and
synchronized sound CUSM is an absolute GOLD MINE for information and people
to people communication around the world!

Thanks for reading,

Don Johnson
Orlando, Fl USA Go Magic!!