Re: Problems with IPhone...

Don Johnson (
Mon, 15 May 1995 21:29:07 -0400

>>>On Fri, 12 May 1995, Ehrreich Michael wrote:
>>> ... But then I had to face a problem: although
>>>> I can see that my mike is working and my headphones usually do the same,
>>>> I cannot hear anybody..
>>>I and some of my friends had the same problem.
>>>It turned out that for some obscure reason
>>>the digital voice volume controls are turning down when iphone works.
>>>So, I have put the icon for the SB mixer on Internet group, and before
>>>starting iphone brought it up, and adjusted the volume. When if fell
>>>down again, I pressed ALT+TAB for the SM Mixer and readjusted. It worked
>>>Emanuel Gruengard - Bar Ilan University, Israel.
>>This is exactly right. I had forgotten this when I first read about the
>>problem. I use the SCSI 16 SoundBlaster card and constantly have to readjust
>>the volumn in Mixer.
>>Don Johnson
>>Orlando, Fl USA
>All the above solutions are great, but I feel that mine is probably the best
>of all. I simply connected another amplifier to the speaker socket of my
>Sound Blaster card ensuring that the volume control (mechanical) was within
>quick easy reach....
>Glenn Azlin
>Churchill, Australia

I don't understand this. My sound blaster card has only 1 output jack and it
is regulated by the external volumn control. But IPhone sound is also
regulated by the device setting for "VOC" in SB Mixer. If mixer isn't
putting out sound to the jack how can you be getting sound regardless of
your external amplifier (which I have one of also)?

Anticipating your reply,

Don Johnson
Orlando, Fl USA