Re: ISDN and Frame Rates

Don Johnson (
Mon, 15 May 1995 21:29:12 -0400

I think it is quite clear from my email that I have absolutely no criticism
of CUSM or it's developers. I think it's great. Is it wrong for me to want
to achieve the best possible performance with this great program even if it
means additional hardware investment? Is it wrong for me to want for my
children to excel in their undertakings if their capable of it? Do you
consider 4 frames per second adequate for watching NASA TV? Concerts? Do you
consider "PC people" somehow inferior because they have different hardware
preferences to you? Thank you for the tips on MTU. I will try your
suggestions. I think I asked legitimate questions regarding bandwidth and
hardware and look forward to the replies. I also will read with much
interest other suggestions such as yours as to optimizing the system "out of
the box."


Don Johnson

>I'm tired of seeing these PC people bitch about throughput. The biggest
>problem with CUSEEME and IPhone is that people haven't optimized their
>Trumpet settings. Most people are using the default MTU of 1500. Way too
>high. That is why most of you get the can't connect message. Get the Winsock
>FAQ and maybe an RFC or two. You can easily get 4 fps or higher with a 28.8.
>>I think CUSM is a terrific program and appreciate the work of the
>>development team and its supporters very much. So much so that this is the
>>only list that I read faithfully. However, at 28.8 (115,200) especially with
>>no sound it is a joke. I regularly experience 0-1 FPS and sometimes the
>>images don't bother to show up. I realize this is a bandwidth situation but
>>what is the solution for people who want better performance?
>>Is it feasible to operate on an inexpensive 56K line? What kind of frame
>>rates can I expect? I can get ISDN for $57.00 per month and installation
>>starting at $200.00 (2 64Kbits "B" channels and a "D" channel for signaling
>>for 128-kbps performance). What frame rates can I expect using an ISDN
>>internet connection to these lines. I just found a high end digital modem
>>for $749.00 from ZyXel (Computer Reseller News, May 8th, 1995). It includes
>>an NT-1 interface. Am I correct in assuming that the people who actually
>>enjoy the NASA feed and other on line productions are using such
>>connections? It seems to me that with appropriate frame rates and
>>synchronized sound CUSM is an absolute GOLD MINE for information and people
>>to people communication around the world!
>>Thanks for reading,
>>Don Johnson
>>Orlando, Fl USA Go Magic!!