More Infomation on Cu-SeeMe

John Hooper (
Tue, 16 May 1995 18:26:56 UNDEFINED

I am still trying to get CuSeeMe going but with no luck. I am trying to
connect to peoples computers and reflectors with no luck. I always get the
message "No response from (What ever the server I am trying to connect to)".
I asked my System admins to allow me to port 7648. I can only asume I have
access. Do you need to have both Inwards and Outwards access to this port
for CuSeeMe to work?? And Is this the CORRECT port Number to use?? Is
there any other infomation I need to know in order for me get get CuSeeMe
going. Please anyone any info would be of advantage??

Thanks for ANY Infor at all,
John Hooper