call for participants: VOICES FOR DIVERSITY / the collabarena

roberson keith (
Tue, 16 May 1995 08:47:23 -0400

Keith and Kirsten invite you to join us in......

VOICES FOR DIVERSITY / the collabarena
Internet Festival

Opening Ceremony "FINDING A RHYTHM"
--( drumming circle via NetPhone, CuSeeMe)--
At Dusk, Evening of
Friday May 19, 1995
--(Approximately 7:30EST or 12:30am GMT) --

you are invited to bring drums, "musical instruments","singing
voices",and anything else to contribute to a communal rhythm.
We will find a rhythm and maintain it for as long as it needs to
breathe. As the rhythm finds its silence we will light the
projected flame.

Conferencing Circle "SEEN AND HEARD"
Night of
Friday May 19, 1995

All participants are invited to take a turn speaking. We will move
from each individual in the physical circle to individuals on the
global projection until we come full circle. Participants are
invited to read a short poem, story, or article; sing or play a
short song; dance a brief movement; or hold up a drawing,
painting or object that reflects her/his identity.

Closing Ceremony "CARRY THE FLAME"
through the Morning of
Saturday May 20, 1995

As the flame fades within the arena, participants will receive a
totem of the flame as a symbol of the power of diversity.

If you are in the the Baltimore area, please join us within the
Collabarena at: The University of Maryland Baltimore County
UMBC Fine Arts Amphitheatre...Visual Arts Building

Members of the global internet and UMBC community are invited to
participate in a global video conference to dialogue on issues of
identity and diversity. The goal of this event is to promote visible
diversity over the net and on this campus via video links with
individuals and universities here and abroad who share concerns.

Bring sleeping bags and food for your overnight stay.
Coffee and beverages will be provided in the collabarena
Reservations are not required but encouraged.

For complete details see:

video/CU-SeeMe reflector :
text/irc : channel: collabarena

or contact:
Keith Roberson or Kirsten D`Andrea (410)455-2150