Re: Netscape launching of specific CU-SeeME connection?

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 16 May 1995 11:19:24 -0800

Currently, this is a planned feature for the first commercial version of CUSeeMe (by WPSI).

I also believe this will be available in the public version as well (via Cornell).

"How it will be implemented may vary".

WPSI demo'd a pre-release version at the DVC show which allowed CU-SeeMe to be a "helper app." for a number of browsers. And yes it was also capable of automatically connecting to a reflector site (or single point site). In that version it was done via a hyperlink to a CUSeeMe config. file on the web server system.

It's in the plans,


>As I understand you are using the Mac version of CUSM.
>I tried to do the same you want to do a while ago, but
>unfortunately it is not possible to connect directly to
>a site when starting up CU-SeeMe, since CUSM doesn't
>support AppleScript. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think
>the developpers are planning to make CUSM scriptable.
>With the PC version of CUSM, automatic startup is possible
>though. So far the only advantage the PC version has ...
>Keep me informed if somebody has any different news.
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