Re: ISDN and Frame Rates

Bennett Frankel (
Tue, 16 May 1995 13:31:28 -0400 (EDT)

Don, I have just started using cu-seeme with an ISDN line now only at 56k
and what a difference. Frame rate around 2-5, sound still only fair,
although just started playing will go to 128k for the real test.

On Mon, 15 May 1995, Don Johnson wrote:

> I think CUSM is a terrific program and appreciate the work of the
> development team and its supporters very much. So much so that this is the
> only list that I read faithfully. However, at 28.8 (115,200) especially with
> no sound it is a joke. I regularly experience 0-1 FPS and sometimes the
> images don't bother to show up. I realize this is a bandwidth situation but
> what is the solution for people who want better performance?
> Is it feasible to operate on an inexpensive 56K line? What kind of frame
> rates can I expect? I can get ISDN for $57.00 per month and installation
> starting at $200.00 (2 64Kbits "B" channels and a "D" channel for signaling
> for 128-kbps performance). What frame rates can I expect using an ISDN
> internet connection to these lines. I just found a high end digital modem
> for $749.00 from ZyXel (Computer Reseller News, May 8th, 1995). It includes
> an NT-1 interface. Am I correct in assuming that the people who actually
> enjoy the NASA feed and other on line productions are using such
> connections? It seems to me that with appropriate frame rates and
> synchronized sound CUSM is an absolute GOLD MINE for information and people
> to people communication around the world!
> Thanks for reading,
> Don Johnson
> Orlando, Fl USA Go Magic!!