Re: Netscape launching of specific CU-SeeME connection?

Torsten Heycke (
Tue, 16 May 1995 10:52:18 -0700 (PDT)

> in a recent cusee-me posting you mentioned that you have successfully
> launched cusee-me from a web page and that it was easy. I do not know
> how to do that, and would very much appreciate it if you would be so
> kind as to tell me how to do it.

Since I've now answered 5 separate queries of the same nature, I'm going
to reply to the entire list with my truly bogus answer. Forgive me if my
original posting engendered false hopes. I am assured by various people
(Bill Ryan et al) that what I and apparently many others want re/browser
launching and connnection to a site is coming to a CUSeeMe application

First, what I have done is _not_ transferable to the world; it is
limited to machines whose browser preferences and helper applications I
have control over. For the user community I am concerned with this is
not a problem.

Anyway, given the above HUGE caveat, I simply create a helper
application preference setting for URLs with a suffix of .cu (or
whatever) such that when is retrieved, the application CUSeeMe
is launched. (Mime type: application, Mime subtype: CUce (i used the
creator) extension cu, locate CUSeeMe application).

You can see why this cannot work for most people (there are no defined
extensions and MIME types as far as I know) For our community it is OK
as we can control what their settings are--to a degree. What we're
trying to achieve is a more personal "help desk" function, where if
you've exhausted all the other web-based options via you can talk to a
live human being. Since we'd rather have our doctors doing medically
related things, we'd like to avoid they're doing CUSeeMe set-up.