emile anderson (
Wed, 17 May 95 09:32:31 PDT

Yes I have. I am running CuSeeme using Trumpet 2.0B on 56K ISDN. Bounded
ISDN use is the trouble now. Most (if not all) NT1/TA only support
synchronous bonding protocal. Ergo Trumpet does not work. Believe this will
be solved with asynch bonding protocals coming on line. This is different
from the modem server protocal of your Internet provider, e.g. Ether bridge
device only supporting synchronous ppp. Has anyone else got CuSeeme to work
on 112/128K with Trumpet and how.


At 08:02 PM 5/16/95, wrote:
> Has anyone gotten CUSEEME working with WINSOCK over an ISDN link?
> I think Im running 1.0 of Winsock is there are more recent version?
> Where can it be found?
> I assume CUSEEME uses UDP Packets, does WINSOCK support this?
> Thanks for any help.