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Greg Williams (
Wed, 17 May 1995 11:16:31 -0500

Dear Mr. Tchouto,

I just bought a Video Blaster SE100, and am using CU-Seeme 0.34b5 with
Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows for Workgroups. Everything seems to work
fine. Unfortunately, the Windows version of CU-SeeMe does not support
audio right now. I've also tried Spry's "Air" TCP/IP package, but not with

Also, when you install the Video Blaster (or other capture card), you
should be aware that the card generally does two things - digitizing and
video overlay. You're probably not interested in overlay. Overlay just
punches a hole in your regular video display, and sends raw, analog video
signals directly to it from your camera. This looks nice, but isn't useful
for much in this context. Overlay also requires you to route all your VGA
video output through the capture card, which degrades its quality
(sharpness). Finally, most video adaptors will not work correctly with
capture cards unless you run them at 640x480x16 mode.

So my advice is to set your monitor to 640x480x16, set up the capture card
and make sure it works. This involves running a cable from your VGA card
to your capture card, outside your computer's case. Once you're sure the
capture card is working, disconnect your monitor from the capture card and
reconnect it to the VGA adaptor. Then set you monitor back to whatever
resolution you like. CU-SeeMe should work fine.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Greg Williams

>I would like to install CU-SeeMe on my system.
>Version of CU-SeeMe: windows version 0.34b5.
>I have a folowing question:
>** Could you give the list of video card which do work good with
> CU-SeeMe(windows version 0.34b5)?.
>** Could you give the list of camera which do work good with
> CU-SeeMe(windows version 0.34b5)?.
>** Could you give the list of audio card which do work good with
> CU-SeeMe(windows version 0.34b5)?.
>I do not have windows Sockets compliant TCP/IP!!!.
>** If FREE OR COMMERCIAL software please let me know where I can find it?
>Do you know another multimedia application like video mail , joint editing?
>* Please let me know where I can find it.
>I would be very grateful for every information you give me.
>Many thanks and regards.
>Jean-Jacques Tchouto
>Koethenerstr.31/Appt. 203
>10963 Berlin
>Fax:++49 (030) 314-22514

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