hosts file
Wed, 17 May 1995 17:40:12 -0400

ok, here's the deal - each time i sign on to my internet carrier (interramp),
my IP address is different.

so, after i sign on, i change my hosts file accordingly. for example, if my
IP address was (btw, it's always the last # that's different),
i would make the hosts file which contains the following: Shadoesque

my hosts file is in the directory with my winsock.dll and this directory is
in my DOS path in my autoexec.bat.

ok, so my hosts file is adjusted, and i start cuseeme i get the ol'
"gethostbyname()" error message, and then it exits.

so, here's my question - is it possible to adjust the hosts file after i sign
on to my internet carrier and still have it work correctly? if so, then what
am i doing wrong?
any help would be appreciated.