Re: Firewall question

Richard Cogger (
Wed, 17 May 1995 17:54:48 -0400

At 8:07 PM 5/16/95, David R McGee wrote:
>Would someone please repond to this question!
>It is obvious from reading the FAQs that UDP port 7648 is used for peer-to-peer
>CU-SeeMe communication.
>What is not obvious is how and exactly over what ports do the reflectors
>communicate. One message I ran across indicated that 7649-51 are used for
>reflector traffic. After some initial testing at PNL, I thought that the
>relfectors used TCP, instead of UDP. This would be essential for a secure
>firewall breach.
No, CU-SeeMe does not use tcp at all. (Well, the reflector control
program, refmon uses tcp to talk to a reflector, I'm not sure which port.)
Ports listed above are correct. Traffic from desktop app to reflector also
uses UDP 7648, so that's the only one you need open unless you link
reflectors together. Cheers, -Dick