OS/2 Warp

Wed, 17 May 95 21:04:11 +0500

Certainly, someone has figured out the setting to run CU-See-Me using OS/2
Warp! Without success, I have done the following to try to trouble-shoot
1. Removed all winsock.dll's located in old Windoze datasets.
2. Associated my Internet login TCP address in the host file(PPP connect).
3. Allocated all but one horse, two cats and a gardina bush of memory to
4. Ensured paths and msvideo.dll's were correct (to the best of my

I still get the infamous host-ghost treats. The most amazing thing, if I
dual-boot back to Windoze, and bring up a trumpet SLIP connection, it works!
I cannot believe that CU-See-Me was coded to avoid OS/2 memory.

So I may get some sleep tonight (or tomorrow), can another OS/2 user give me
the answer?

// Stephen M. Borsen
// At the Magic Kingdom
// Orlando, Flordia
// OS/2 Warp Version 3