RE: hosts file

Terence Carroll (
Wed, 17 May 95 23:25:37 PDT

It sounds like a similar problem I have with interramp. The
method you described about adding a host file only works with
Trumpet. I assume that you are probably using the NetManage
TCP/IP apps, which to my knowledge do not support a function to
assign a host name to an IP address. One workaround is to
dial in, then open the Newt application at the bottom of the
screen. Look at the IP number and then change the host name
to correspond to the IP number. For instance if my IP number
is then my hostname would be "ip102.las-vegas.
nevada" and my domain would be "". If you happen
to use Chameleon 4.5 (as I do) you can use the name resolver to
locate your host name. Then after modifying the host name
call back interramp, if when you connect you recieve the same
IP number as before (ie no one logs off) then the host name
will correspond to the IP number and CUSeeMe will function.

Hope that helps,

On Wed, 17 May 1995 17:40:12 -0400 wrote:
>ok, here's the deal - each time i sign on to my internet
carrier (interramp),
>my IP address is different.
>so, after i sign on, i change my hosts file accordingly. for
example, if my
>IP address was (btw, it's always the last #
that's different),
>i would make the hosts file which contains the following:
> Shadoesque
>my hosts file is in the directory with my winsock.dll and this
directory is
>in my DOS path in my autoexec.bat.
>ok, so my hosts file is adjusted, and i start cuseeme i get
the ol'
>"gethostbyname()" error message, and then it exits.
>so, here's my question - is it possible to adjust the hosts
file after i sign
>on to my internet carrier and still have it work correctly? if
so, then what
>am i doing wrong?
>any help would be appreciated.