CU-SeeMe PV Ver (Observations/Probs)

Michael Kelland (
Thu, 18 May 1995 10:20:45 -0230

Hello All,

I have been trying cuseeme off and on for last few weeks in the receive mode
only. Have a 486DX @ 66mhz running WFW. The following is occuring with my
setup and I
am wondering if it is happening with other PC users.

-Once connected to a site I use Alt+Tab to enable a video window (is there
some other
way of turning ON a window from a transmitting stations or is this the way
to do it?).

-When a new transmitting user connects (v) WHILE I am viewing a video
window(s) all
video windows being viewed are immediately kicked out and i have to use
Alt+Tab to
individually reconnect them.

-When connected AND when a transmitting station is active it is very
difficult to disconnect for the purposes of selecting another site.
Typically I will be REconnected to the same site or some other site that
was viewing the site i want to leave.

-I have not been able to TYPE messages (should i have this capability with
version b5?)

-My right mouse button will not cause a memu to Pop Up (should it?)

Michael Kelland
Michael Kelland
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