Joseph Kahan (jkahan@PHOENIX.PHOENIX.NET)
Thu, 18 May 1995 12:18:28 -0500 (CDT)

To the CU-SeeMe community,

Having made formal apologies to both the CU-SeeMe Team and to White Pine
(Cornells Master Licensee), about releasing as cost-ware VideoPhone, my
ResEdit version of CU-SeeMe, I was reminded that I'd never apologized to
the world-wide Internet community that so enthusiastically supports
CU-SeeMe. I would like to take a minute and state how sorry I am that this
unauthorized application was released.

I should not have tried to sell VideoPhone without giving proper credit
(and pointers) to CU-SeeMe. My interpretation of Cornell's copyright
statements for 0.80b2 was incorrect. I believed that my actions were allowed
by the 0.70.b15 copyright, the last version I read carefully.
Regardless, I'm sorry for any confusion and anger my actions have caused.

Even after my private apologies, I was unable to prevent VideoPhone from
spreading across the Internet. Specifically, it kept popping up at
software archives after having been deleted. Michael Sattler has
taken the time to remove VideoPhone from Info-Mac and UMich software
archives world-wide; I would greatly appreciate if everyone would please
help me get rid of any copies of VideoPhone that they may encounter on
other archives.

Again, please allow me to say how sorry I am and give a special thanks to
Mike Sattler for pointing out that I had not done everything within my
power to correct my error. The right thing was to apologize to the
CU-SeeMe team as well as the CU-SeeMe community who support it.


Joseph Kahan