Re: Negative video ??

John Faherty (
Thu, 18 May 95 16:23:53 EDT

I'm not part of the CU-SeeMe team (except in spirit, of course :-), but one
phenomenon I've noticed over the ~ 50 CU-SeeMe receiver setups we've done
or coached remotely so far in Digital is that a GREAT number of PC users
get their PC's out of the box set to 16 color VGA, and regardless of whether
they can do 256 or better, never change from the off the shelf 16 color VGA.

With the monitor operating at 16 color, the video image could be said to look
like a negative image. I suspect that's what happening in some, maybe a lot
of the recent reports, since everything else seems to be OK (e.g. - image is
right side up, not distorted, etc.).


John Faherty

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